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200 Trans-am



TCC Novidem Swiss Racing Audi R8.


by Locosco



the 900bhp B4 90 quattro with a Skyline engine.

As an Audi “purist”, i don’t know exactly what to think of this—-especially since there are plenty of modified 5-cylinder Audi motors kicking around pushing 800 to 1000hp, however I think for uniqueness and novelty, this is very interesting indeed!

This audi was modified from top to bottom. It has received an engine from Nissan Skyline and a large turbo that produces 900bhp that spread across the four wheels.

This car goes like mad and it is in an astonishing condition including the interior.

A lot of money and effort have gone into this project and the owner gets to drive it on a daily basis as his family car.

Beautiful photography by Stefan Solakov

beauty in design.

the MK1 TT is utterly timeless—–as the years go by, the MK1 just looks more vintage cool.

the 472hp MTM RS3!


quattro s1.

one of THE greatest cars ever built by humanity…