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vintage Audi ads.

I love these.


RS1 in testing?

The fine peeps at Fourtitude have put up some photos of a peculiar and powerful looking RS1 spotted near the ‘ring.  I think their assertion that this may be an RS1  in testing sounds pretty rational!  You can see the big twin tailpipes in the rear, and a front lower fascia which is similar to what we’ve seen on the RS3 and TT-RS.

Even if it DOES exist, the US will never get it—-because we are not getting this generation of A1!  However, i’m sure there are plenty of europeans who are anxiously awaiting news that an RS1 (or even an S1 for that matter) will be made and when.

RS3 drifting in the snow.

I recently bought a 2012 Audi A3 quattro, which I am totally in love with!  The car is quick with great handling and a beautifully appointed interior.  Here in the US, we don’t receive the S3 and RS3, so the best I could do was a 2.0T quattro titanium sport package.  The car I picked up has many elements of the S3 in terms of front bumper, interior, and suspension.

But the A3 version I would REALLY want is unobtainable to me Audi RS3.  The 2.5L 5-Cylinder Turbo makes an unforgettable sound, and although my 2.0T has the same wheels as this RS3, the RS3 comes with a widened stance, a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox (A3 is a 6-speed DSG), and big fat brakes and suspension upgrades.

This video is like porn.  Audi porn.  In its natural habitat; SNOW!