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1971 Audi-NSU model lineup!

i want them all!


saturday morning. get the A3 washed.

I tend to prefer ‘dirty’ cars over ‘clean’ cars, but i haven’t washed my 2012 A3 since i bought it.  I am reminded of why i don’t like ‘clean’ cars, because when it gets clean, i see all sorts of little scratches, swirl marks, defects, etc….

oh well…..the italian in me (i’m not italian, btw) says “f*ck it! drive it!”.  I think i like that philosophy.



vintage Audi ads.

I love these.

quattro sport concept; in sketches.

I’ve heard rumours that the quattro Sport Concept will most likely NOT be built in the next couple of years, and that is highly unfortunate—–as i would have been first in line for one.  these fantastic sketches were done by car designer (whom I presume works for Audi, as these drawings were included in the original promo pack for the quattro Sport Concept as i recall) Ernest Tsarukyan

Auto Union art.

i’ve posted about Rob Ijbema‘s artwork quite often on my IEDEI blog—–so here is a beautiful Auto Union painting which i used to keep as my desktop several months ago.  You can enlarge it by clicking on the photo.



RS Avants. 3 for 1.

Which one do you want most?  I’ll take the RS2 thanks!

Pics from 2011 ADAC Endurance Race.

source: AUDI SPORT