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385hp TT-RS GT coming?

My friend George at Fourtitude posting that rather nice rendering of a possible 385hp TT-RS GT on his Fourtitude site today.  So is it coming?  A lightened, more focused hardcore TT-RS?  The TT-RS run in the US is definitely 2 years long, as I was told by Audi of America last year—-however I’m starting to think that the 2nd year run may end up being this version, if it exists.

We already got the “Plus” version of the RS in the US this year (360hp vs. 340hp in Europe).



quattro sport concept. will it be made? some Audiphile info…

I have heard conflicting stories about whether the superb quattro sport concept will actually get produced or not—-however there is one thing that all of my conversations have in common; if the car gets produced similar to the “concept” version—it will cost as much or more than an R8 V10.  This idea is simply absurd.   I have heard from several people close to Audi AG, that there are factions of people with ‘differing’ opinions within the company about whether this car should be produced or not.  There is a small faction fighting hard to get it made, and a majority who believe the reasons to produce a low volume, high-priced flagship are but a novelty and nothing more.

What is the official Audiphile verdict on how to resolve this dilemma?  Why isn’t there an A5/S5/RS5 which looks like this already in production?  Why doesn’t the A5 series of cars celebrate the classic quattro notchback look more?  Sure I am an appreciator of the B8 A5 and all of its derivatives, however if you let me choose between the ‘current’ style of the B8 A5 and the glory of the Sport quattro concept style—–you can certainly figure out where i’m heading.

So the solution?  Discontinue the A5 Coupe, BRING in the quattro coupe.   Make an S version.  Make an RS version.  Don’t worry about the “lightweight” stuff which will make it $150k—-instead, put in as much lightweight stuff as financially possible, without raising the price of a ‘quattro coupe’ more than $50-60k.

If this happens, you will have my check immediately!

quattro sport concept; in sketches.

I’ve heard rumours that the quattro Sport Concept will most likely NOT be built in the next couple of years, and that is highly unfortunate—–as i would have been first in line for one.  these fantastic sketches were done by car designer (whom I presume works for Audi, as these drawings were included in the original promo pack for the quattro Sport Concept as i recall) Ernest Tsarukyan

D4 S8 debut.

the best luxury sedan in the world just got quite a bit quicker.

520hp.  4.0L Turbo V8.  0-60 in 4.2 seconds.  Do you know how it feels to be in a car this heavy and do 0-60 in 4.2 seconds?  I still remember riding in an older S55 AMG a few years ago and feeling what a 0-60 time in the 5.5 second range and feeling like I was in hyperspeed orbit around the streets.  4.2s is a big notch faster.  Looks great too, lots of presence.

When I was picking up my A3, I was waiting for some of the paperwork to get prepped—-and found myself dwelling in the showroom A8 they had, just wafting away in one of the most beautiful interiors i’ve ever sat in.  It was like sitting inside of a relaxed lounge, just pass me a scotch and a cigarette and let me instruct the driver where to go.

2012/2013 Audi S8

source: Audi

Fourtitude has discovered a photo showing the possible upcoming facelift for the Audi R8.  Here is a pic.  Also interesting is the discussion of various R8 test mules testing 2.5L 5 Cylinder Turbos in Europe.  BRING IT AUDI!


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