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Audi introduces the A1 Sportback.

I would love to have this as a city runaround——I know Audi has no interest in bringing the 3-door version, but i really wish they would consider bringing a 5-door version.




A3 e-tron concept (LA Auto Show)

This 8P A3 E-Tron concept is supposed to debut at the LA Auto Show……check out those red and silver rotor wheels from the titanium package!  Funky.

back from the 2011 Petit Le Mans!

All i can say is that I was blown away.  Where to begin?  Should i start with my driving of an R8 V10 Spyder around?  Or that I was in the Audi Sport Team Joest pits for 2 R18 pit stops?  Or that I was in heaven sitting at the track side at night watching some of the greatest race cars in the world go thundering just feet away from me?  Or that I met some of my favourite drivers?  I had a total blast.

More to come about the event, with photos….later this week.  I have so many photos to rummage through.

Spent some time in the Pit area:

Oh, and the R18 TDI is utterly fantastic close up!

Audi Urban Concept. Frankfurt auto show.

Photos courtesy of: Navanod




these photos are taken by Ralf Schmidt

RS3, evil style.

There really aren’t too many great photos of the Audi RS3 online, so when i found these pics taken by Jorn H. from Holland—i got pretty excited.  My favourite cars are black……MY 2012 A3 is black as well—–but what fascinates me on this car is the fact that silvery RS3 grille has been ‘blackened’, the front bumper outline has been blackened, the mirror housings have been blackened, and it has the optional black & red ‘Rotor’ RS wheels (i have the same wheels on my A3, however they are titanium & silver).  It’s how the car should be!

How does the car look? It looks epic.

original TT-R DTM car racing in 2011 on a Slovakia Circuit.

and hell yeah i want that sequential gearbox.  the sound it makes while downshifting is just EPIC.

source of photo:

The driver is Tomas Liedl, driving the Slovakia Ring in a DTM-spec Audi TT-R.   I am guessing this is one of the original DTM TT-Rs that used to race in the DTM Series, having their careers continue…..this is what it looks like now, as opposed to the older Red/Silver Sport livery OR the Yellow Playstation livery.   There was also the blue Red Bull livery back in the day.  This race is from 08/21/2011.