RS3, black on black.

Some people don’t like the red-black Rotor wheels—-but i love them!

source: Gentic77


A3 e-tron concept (LA Auto Show)

This 8P A3 E-Tron concept is supposed to debut at the LA Auto Show……check out those red and silver rotor wheels from the titanium package!  Funky.

Paola Di Martini and rallying the Audi 90 quattro.

We rarely hear or see much about the post-quattro coupe Audi rally cars— I love the rally spec round headlights replacing the square 90 lights.   Paola Di Martini was part of the team which rallied this car.

These great pics, along with many more pics can be found at Fornino Racing

385hp TT-RS GT coming?

My friend George at Fourtitude posting that rather nice rendering of a possible 385hp TT-RS GT on his Fourtitude site today.  So is it coming?  A lightened, more focused hardcore TT-RS?  The TT-RS run in the US is definitely 2 years long, as I was told by Audi of America last year—-however I’m starting to think that the 2nd year run may end up being this version, if it exists.

We already got the “Plus” version of the RS in the US this year (360hp vs. 340hp in Europe).


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