200 Trans-am


1971 Audi-NSU model lineup!

i want them all!


source: Diario Motor

Paola Di Martini and rallying the Audi 90 quattro.

We rarely hear or see much about the post-quattro coupe Audi rally cars— I love the rally spec round headlights replacing the square 90 lights. ¬† Paola Di Martini was part of the team which rallied this car.

These great pics, along with many more pics can be found at Fornino Racing

100 Coupe S in the junkyard.


the coolest at the pump

how badass is that!

source: Autoinjected via Audi Sport Facebook

vintage Audis at the Nurburgring

sweet video.  lots of great older 100s, 100 Coupes, and quattros.