200 Trans-am



the coolest at the pump

how badass is that!

source: Autoinjected via Audi Sport Facebook

TCC Novidem Swiss Racing Audi R8.

vintage Audis at the Nurburgring

sweet video.  lots of great older 100s, 100 Coupes, and quattros.

who took our spoilers!?

from the Audi Sport facebook page.

RS1 in testing?

The fine peeps at Fourtitude have put up some photos of a peculiar and powerful looking RS1 spotted near the ‘ring.  I think their assertion that this may be an RS1  in testing sounds pretty rational!  You can see the big twin tailpipes in the rear, and a front lower fascia which is similar to what we’ve seen on the RS3 and TT-RS.

Even if it DOES exist, the US will never get it—-because we are not getting this generation of A1!  However, i’m sure there are plenty of europeans who are anxiously awaiting news that an RS1 (or even an S1 for that matter) will be made and when.

Audi 90 IMSA GTO.

all types of wonderful hotness!