the 900bhp B4 90 quattro with a Skyline engine.

As an Audi “purist”, i don’t know exactly what to think of this—-especially since there are plenty of modified 5-cylinder Audi motors kicking around pushing 800 to 1000hp, however I think for uniqueness and novelty, this is very interesting indeed!

This audi was modified from top to bottom. It has received an engine from Nissan Skyline and a large turbo that produces 900bhp that spread across the four wheels.

This car goes like mad and it is in an astonishing condition including the interior.

A lot of money and effort have gone into this project and the owner gets to drive it on a daily basis as his family car.

Beautiful photography by Stefan Solakov


2 responses

  1. The engine shot is of an I5 with AAN valve cover?

    October 17, 2011 at 4:46 am


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