quattro sport concept. will it be made? some Audiphile info…

I have heard conflicting stories about whether the superb quattro sport concept will actually get produced or not—-however there is one thing that all of my conversations have in common; if the car gets produced similar to the “concept” version—it will cost as much or more than an R8 V10.  This idea is simply absurd.   I have heard from several people close to Audi AG, that there are factions of people with ‘differing’ opinions within the company about whether this car should be produced or not.  There is a small faction fighting hard to get it made, and a majority who believe the reasons to produce a low volume, high-priced flagship are but a novelty and nothing more.

What is the official Audiphile verdict on how to resolve this dilemma?  Why isn’t there an A5/S5/RS5 which looks like this already in production?  Why doesn’t the A5 series of cars celebrate the classic quattro notchback look more?  Sure I am an appreciator of the B8 A5 and all of its derivatives, however if you let me choose between the ‘current’ style of the B8 A5 and the glory of the Sport quattro concept style—–you can certainly figure out where i’m heading.

So the solution?  Discontinue the A5 Coupe, BRING in the quattro coupe.   Make an S version.  Make an RS version.  Don’t worry about the “lightweight” stuff which will make it $150k—-instead, put in as much lightweight stuff as financially possible, without raising the price of a ‘quattro coupe’ more than $50-60k.

If this happens, you will have my check immediately!



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